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My Bathroom

Growing up, I was one of three boys. We shared one small bathroom so while one of us went pee, another showered, while the third brushed his teeth; we had a system. Our bathroom needs, much like our bathroom, were small. Still, we had a very happy childhood. Today's bathrooms can offer so much more...

today's bathrooms

Today, when we remodel a bathroom / ensuite, we typically remove tubs altogether (unless it's cast iron within a period home or there are small children in the family). When we do remove tubs, we widen the shower access and interior depth, we tile floor to ceiling in slate, marble, porcelain or stone, we build floating benches, shampoo & soap niches & install as many shower heads or streams as desired. Glass helps to make the new bathroom sophisticated & inviting. Custom cabinets for storage & custom shelving to display art, pictures & flowers are built from scratch. Silent exhaust ceiling fans, bright lighting w/ design fixtures that are retro, earth tones or classic finish your bathroom to your style.

Whatever your bathroom needs, I assure you, you will not have to share the bathroom unless you want to.

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