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Today kitchens are this and more. Kitchens have evolved into open, social spaces: opportunities to gather with friends & loved ones as everyone awaits what's in the oven or eagerly watches the Chef de Jour prepare something exciting while sharing vino or enjoying chips & apps before the game or the big fight.

The utility kitchen from the 60's evolved into the house bar of the 80's & into the open social kitchen of today. Kitchen countertops made of granite, clay, stone, marble, copper, stainless steel or hardwood are all surfaces that offer beauty, longevity & inevitable conviviality. Custom cabinets & shelving allow us to organize our space & display design. The walls & doors that separated us have been removed

to open the kitchen & face the dining & living rooms to enjoy conversation with all. The open kitchen concept is a celebration of Love as while sitting on stools around a kitchen island, laughter & memories are shared & moments are made.

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Kitchens were once thought of as a place from which to cook. From kitchens were born delicious foods: spaghetti & meatballs, grilled steaks, stews, rotisserie chicken, meatloaf, incredible seafood, etc.

I remember my kitchen as a child being a magical room from which fantastic aromas & flavors emanated - my mother loved to cook for her 3 sons & dad! We'd have nightly dinner at 6pm in the dining room (separated by a wall) on a small oval table to talk about the day, school, problems, family, news, truths - everything. Later, the kitchen was the place where my brothers (& friends) & I would raid the refrigerator to reheat wonderful leftovers -especially after a late night.