LIC # B1-998582


Having reroofed homes and cabins in Lake Arrowhead and Blue Jay, California for over 10 years, we are highly skilled in all sloped roofing material applications, including lifetime composition shingle, wood shakes and wood shingles, composite wood shakes, standard weight and lightweight concrete tile, slate, composite slate, copper, clay tile and more. We replace all dryrot damaged and termite infested wood for new, use Type #30 felt underlayments and all new metals including drip edge, pipe and vent flashings, valleys, counterflashings, chimney metals, etc. We install half-moon dormer vents to ventilate the attic, Velux and Solatubes skylights for lighting & new interior ceiling batten insulation. 


 Today we are proud to perform commercial roof management, roof maintenance and waterproofing services for several large California companies with large portfolios. We inspect bi-annually, offer a 24-hr emergency service, make necessary repairs and advice on methods to defer a complete reroof – when possible, in addition to installing new commercial roofs. On flat roofs we apply 20-year 4-ply Hot Mop Roofs or 20 Year Modified Bitumen Roofs. We build crickets and slope dead-flat roofs, install new roof drains or new wall-thru scuppers, install new day-lighting skylights, install insulation, UV radiant aluminum or white reflective coating, walking pads, coping metals and much more. We waterproof above and below deck scenarios, planters, underground parking, and seal all concrete slabs. For all of your commercial roof and waterproofing needs, we remain 24-hours available.